How do we help students?

Are you still in the job orientation phase? Use our online platform to: Explore the labor market, discover your career opportunities, put together interesting application strategies and prepare for interviews and assessments.

Are you looking for a part-time job or are you graduating soon and you already know what kind of job you like? Technificent can bring you in contact with specific companies. You can make an appointment on our platform. Also check our platform for the latest opportunities!

What do we offer companies?

As an employer, you can make use of our services related to:

Part-time jobs
Looking for students who can help your organization? We offer companies the opportunity to get in contact with TU/e students in an early stage via our part-time job service.

Reverse Matching
Come in contact with fresh graduates by using our Reverse Matching option.

Employer Branding
This gives you a unique opportunity to strengthen your employer brand at a top university of technology. You can create your own company page, announce events and place vacancies on our platform.

Please contact us for more information by using the contact us section.

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About TU/e Technificent

TU/e Technificent is founded to support the graduating student in his or her job market orientation process. With the end of the study approaching, the student is bound to make a choice about his or her future job possibilities. The knowledge and gained experience within TU/e Technificent helps us to support the student in this orientation process, and it enables to decrease the gap between the companies its expectations and those of the student.

You can find us in the heart of the TU/e campus and tap into our strong network. TU/e Technificent: your link to success!

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